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Just an idea comes up in a bit, with very little thought behind it. Helluva lot easier to do it here than 140 characters of Twitter though:

So Score Reporter, on another regionals weekend of the first season of the Triple Crown Tour – the USAU club series on steriods – setup has graced us all. Complaints about other aspects of the TCT have come up all season long. I’ve been good with some aspects of the Tour, others I’ve joined in on voicing my complaints. Nothing so far has been as frustrating though than sitting here ignoring football or whatever else, and not being able to see a fully filled out bracket on Score Reporter. With ESPN filming at Nationals, and all of the other promotion and attention USAU has tried to give the sport, the fact that this problem is real and happening right now, isn’t a good sign. Increasing fans following teams, and thus the Tour, has to be apart of the overall goal of this Tour in today’s social media, constantly connected day and age (something that makes this issue even more confusing). Even if USAU was going the golf route, of looking for people to follow the events more than the people competing, the fact that I can’t find out how games leading up to Nationals is still frustrating.


How could it be fixed then? Get people on the ground texting scores, and someone at USAU HQ (or even at home…) updating Score Reporter. Skyd and UltiWorld have shown that texting scores from the ground, detailed or not, is entirely possible and kinda easy to do. It just requires someone to sit in between some fields, and text the scores into Twitter. Realistically, a weekend like this would be the hardest, as there would be the most tournaments. I don’t think it’s much harder than that though. Getting someone to do it an issue, especially at regionals? Either get the Tournament Directors to make live scoring a large part of their volunteer plans (Toronto Ultimate Club did a VERY good job with this at U-23’s), or threaten USAU threatens to fine and/or ignore future bid requests from the host organization if they don’t – thereby forcing the organization to make sure live scoring happens.


Like I said at the begginning. I’ve put very little thought into this. Also add in that I’ve never had to run a major tournament like regionals or something on the TCT level. Regardless, USAU needs to fix the issue with live scoring at hand even if what I wrote wouldn’t be what works. I don’t think the Triple Crown Tour can succeed long term if it doesn’t have live scoring for fans at home, goes hand in hand with streaming, etc. – no matter how much it grows the game short term.


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One thought on “USAU Live Scores

  1. Titus Tradewell says:

    Rumblings of a new, improved scoring and reporting system have been heard. When we will actually see that system (and will it work?) is another thing entirely.


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